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Complexity Score

Assess the relative difficulty of migrating each individual realm thanks to the automatic assignment of a new Complexity Score. This score (assigned as Low, Medium, or High) is based on a clearly identified set of app characteristics that include header and rule/policy counts, determination of whether a rule is defined as regular expression, identification of active rules or responses, and whether custom code is associated.
Complexity Score
Maverics Solution
• Header count under 20
• Rule/Policy count under 20
• No active responses
• No active rules
These are the simplest realms to migrate with Maverics using standard configurations.
Meets at least one of these conditions: • Header count over 20
• Rule/Policy count over 20
• At least 1 rule defined with a regular expression
These realms can be migrated with some customization of the Maverics configurations.
Meets at least one of these conditions: • Has an active rule
• Has an active response
These realms can be migrated by leveraging Maverics service extensions.

Realms Summary

The Realms Summary section provides at a glance information about the discovered realms. From here you can perform the following actions:
  • Search and filter to narrow down the list of realms
  • Generate Report to generate a PDF to share with others
  • Click on a Realm name to explore more details

Realm Details

View the relationships and interdependencies a realm has to policies, rule groups, and resources. Understand what resources are protected, how many user policies are in effect, and if there are any active headers.

Rule Details

The rule details shows the user policies & responses configured for a given directory.