Connect to SiteMinder 12.8
With the CLI, login to SiteMinder to begin the discovery.

Connecting to a SiteMinder instance

Use the login command and authenticate as an Administrator to your SiteMinder instance. The command requires --base-url and the --username. Replace "" with the URL to your SiteMinder instance. ****The SiteMinder Policy Object REST API uses the default port of 8443. Use this port number or whatever you have configured for your environment to access the API.
Login Flags:
  • --base-url or -b
    • base-url string Base URL and Port number of the SiteMinder instance. e.g.
  • --username or -u
    • the the username with Administrative privileges used to authenticate to your SiteMinder instance
Mac OS/Linux
discovery login --base-url --username <Admin username>
./discovery login --base-url --username <Admin username>
When prompted for password enter your SiteMinder password. SiteMinder password can be set either with (1) environment variable (SM_PASSWORD) or (2) interactive if no flag/environment variable is set.
If you are unable to connect to SiteMinder directly from your computer, you can use the Linux version of the discovery tool to conduct the analysis. See Deploying the CLI to a Jumpbox to learn more.
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