Maverics Identity Discovery Overview


The first step in any SiteMinder migration effort has traditionally been a lengthy audit of the various user groups, apps, policies, configurations, and more that have added hidden complexity to your company’s instance over the years. Maverics Identity Discovery is a free tool from Strata that automates this previously manual process by extracting, analyzing, and visualizing all of the information in your SiteMinder environment in a matter of minutes.


Quickly discover everything that’s contained in your legacy SiteMinder environment through an easy-to-navigate command-line interface (CLI). The CLI is your starting point to connect to your SiteMinder instance to discover everything in the environment. The CLI runs locally from your computer and reads from the SiteMinder API. Rest assured, it will have no impact on your identity systems, applications, and existing user app access workflows.
Learn how many apps (aka SiteMinder Realms) are connected, where they are located, the policies and rules they contain, uncover hidden interdependencies, and more. You can also Load SiteMinder traffic to understand how often the apps are used. Export a JSON file that can then be served by the CLI to your local browser for simple exploration of the results.


Visually explore your results and quickly begin planning your app migration strategy through an intuitive browser interface that gives a comprehensive view of your SiteMinder architecture. Assess the relative difficulty associated with migrating each realm with an automatically assigned a Complexity Score. Also, prioritize the order of migration based on the amount of user authentication traffic seen by each realm.


With the reduced discovery time, focus on actual app migration planning and see results sooner. The insights gained from Discovery allow you to take strategic, deliberate action for a smoother migration. Once you’ve run Discovery, book a strategy session with Strata to apply the results to expedite your migration. We'd love to explore the results you have discovered and help get you on your way with a successful migration. Please contact us by scheduling a demo.
Last modified 7mo ago